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Where do I start? Well, at the beginning of course.

Not so fast! The beginning isn’t always the best place when writing a memoir. Life is twisty and the starting place needs to be the center point focus of the story. Finding that sweet-spot that a historical novel or memoir can revolve around takes some fleshing out. Often the author is too close to the story to see that eye of the storm that will pull the manuscript together and reveal the whole life or historical event.

Finding that moment in time is what I can help the author find. I have been teaching and coaching most all of my adult life helping everyone from authors to even technicians see the center of the event they want to tell.

If you are stuck, don’t know where to start, how to begin, or how to wrap the story around the story you want to tell, I can help you get out of the mud.

One of my clients was eighty and wanted to write his memoir. He had some quite interesting facts but rambled and the story was just a bunch of events. When I stumbled upon the center piece, he had been stranded on a hunting trip all alone at the age of seventy five. He told about how he survived three nights in the freezing cold until someone found him. We were able to weave reflections of his life in and out of that survival story that kept the reader engaged to find out what made him into the man that could come out alive.

You have a fabulous story inside of you. Whether a historical novel, historical fiction or non-fiction, or a memoir, together we will find the magic in the manuscript.

We will work in person or by virtual video interacting an hour at a time with no interruptions. The time is purchased in four hour blocks but scheduled in hour segments. Additional blocks can be purchased at a discount.

Cost: $200 for 4 hours (scheduled in 1-hour blocks.) 

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