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Why Oh Why Oh Why

Why Oh Why Oh Why

I have been asked on many occasions why I wanted to write my children’s books. I still cannot answer that question very well because when I wrote them, I just felt this compelling voice inside of me that made me get up in the middle of the night to jot down a story.

I didn’t think about who would be reading my book. I thought first about what I wanted to share.  I had a nagging in my heart that would not go away until I let it out and onto paper.

With “Arnold” the Cute Little Pig with Personality, I just wanted to let Arnold out of the memory that only our family had so he could live and give others the joy that he gave our family.

He was joyous and made us laugh and forget our problems day to day.  He got into trouble, he oinked with pleasure, and he kept us entertained every day.  He taught our children how to care for animals and others. Arnold challenged them to solve problems that occurred in everyday life and to be able to love unconditionally, even if someone was naughty.



The Christmas season always makes my heart full of love, and David’s Christmas Wish came out of a bursting heart that needed to explain just how much love we as parents have for our children.  It is impossible for our children to ever understand it until they have a child of their own.

David's Christmas Wish


The David’s Christmas Wish was more for parents than children. Yes it was a story that children would like, but it was one that still makes me cry when I get to the end.  I wrote it because I wanted to share that love and know that parents would let their hugs pour into their children as they read it.


Wings and Feet started out as just a story about a butterfly and a boy being friends. I tried and tried to write it as just a story about their journey in a field having fun.  The story kept failing and I would wad the paper up and throw it away.

Again the nighttime came to wake me up with something more important than sleep. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that I realized that the story has many important concepts other than just a lovely story that children would like to read. This book shows how we should embrace others different than ourselves or we will miss having lasting friendships that will forever change our lives and the lives of future generations.

There is also a teaching opportunity to discuss with our children to speak up for ourselves when we can’t or shouldn’t do things that are not good for us. My “crowd” isn’t just children. My “crowd” is big children from 1 to 92. I enjoy the stories and want to share them so they will bring joy to others. That is why I write the books.


It’s from me, it’s for you

It’s from you, it’s for me

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