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What to feed your Pets?

Hamburgers and Fries for Every Meal.
When I picked up our Sophie at the vet last week, the doctor came out and asked me if I was sure about the old girl’s age. I answered that I am sure because she is the same age as our oldest grandchild, thirteen.
The vet could hardly believe it. Our senior pooch still hikes fourteen thousand foot mountains with us. She plays soccer every day when we get home and can chase a ball for hours.
One of the contributing factors to her good health is her diet. I never thought much about dogs having the same nutritional needs as humans, but I do always choose her food as if I am going to eat it.
I make sure the ingredients are something that I would eat and don’t have names of items I don’t recognize. So I asked the vet about dog food and if that could have something to do with Sophie’s longevity. “Absolutely,” the vet answered. “The reason that most dogs like cheap food are the same reason humans like cheap food. It’s like having hamburgers and French fries at every meal. There are additives and flavoring that taste good.”
Well, I guess that choosing good food for Sophie is like choosing good food for myself. We both had to get past the addiction of burgers and fries so we could enjoy kale and turkey!

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