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Temperatures and pets!

Don’t let them Shake or Bake
I swear that we live in the most dog-friendly town ever, Breckenridge Colorado. Pet pooches are in every store, every street, and even are experts riding the gondola up the mountain. There are pluses and minuses having dogs everywhere, but one good plus is that our pampered pups are not left outside when the weather isn’t ideal for them.
Unlike being in the wild, when we leave our pet family outside when it is too hot, there is no escape from the heat in a confined area. And just like a child, never leave a dog in a car when the temperature is the least bit cold or the least bit warm. A car is like an oven or a fridge and can quickly become a death chamber.
If you are faced with a situation where you must leave your pet in the vehicle, take a chance and ask the store owner if you can bring the pup in for a few minutes while you shop. Remember that those who don’t ask—don’t get. You might set a new trend in your town, just like in Breckenridge, where dogs are always welcomed.

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