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Tag, You’re it!

When Arnold ate too much he could not get out and play. He weighed too much from eating tacos, burgers, fries, cake, and ice cream. But as he learned to eat healthy he started liking to play.

One of his least favorite games was tag! Even at his healthiest- Arnold’s short little legs could not run very fast. Therefore poor Arnold was always IT. He couldn’t catch anyone either, so the game was no fun for him.

The potbelly pig didn’t like any running game at all. He would squeal so loud we thought he was dying when the horses chased him.

But Arnold did like to play. He loved us to roll his ball and he would try his best to send it back to us with his snout. We taught him to sit and lay down and he was good at both of those.

Being good piggy parents meant that we needed a well behaved pig around company. So we had to teach him good manners and not snout-butt visiting guests to get attention.

The biggest challenge for having a pet pig was to work with him on how to have indoor manners. Arnold did get to come in the house- but only if he minded. Our home was not a pigsty. We had nice things, good carpet, and didn’t want the house to smell like a stable. Arnold got to come in and lie down in his corner, on his bed, and be good.

All of this took a lot of time and effort. We didn’t want a pig that ran hog-wild!

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