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Why I Support Mercy Ships

Why I Support Mercy Ships

I feel honored that my books are now on board Mercy Ships in their library and will be used at the home schools they provide. This charity affects my heart deeply because of the great work they provide.

Knowing that Arnold will entertain children and families as they recover or wait for surgery lightens my heart. I wish I could see the smiling faces as they heal thanks to the doctors that give tirelessly of themselves.

I hope Wings and Feet can help these great people build friendships – especially when it comes to overcoming their physical differences which brought them to the ship for tending.

You won’t see any fancy advertising or accommodations; in fact, there is nothing fancy about hard work. That is what Mercy Ships provides for thousands of people every year: hard work. These volunteers leave their families and live on a ship in order to help the suffering in over 45 different countries. They help the blind to see and the crippled to walk. They remove tumors and heal the sick.

When I look at the pictures of their good works, I see only smiling faces. The smiling children who can now walk look back at me from the pages. Mothers who were outcast and sent away because of childbirth complications have now been healed and reunited with their families. I also see smiling doctors and nurses coming from those stories as the people that are healed are giving back so much joy.

Mercy Ships is not an organization that will take your donations for granted. They know each donor and connect personally to show gratitude for each dollar that enables them to help more people.  Providing books to the ships – knowing that sweet faces aboard will be able to enjoy a moment of release into a story that will take them away from hurt or sorrow – is truly my biggest joy.

Thank you, Mercy Ships for the healing you provide both physically and emotionally for all those who cannot help themselves.

I am honored to partner with you.





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