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Step Back & Reflect

Step Back & Reflect

I have always loved books that cause you to step back and reflect on life. I love other kinds of books too but ones that help me to grow just stick with me. There is a time to laugh and a time to grow even with books.

My mom and I both have purchased books because we forgot that we read them. I either took them back or just gave one away when I realized it.

The ones that had meaning, I never purchased twice. I kept them and go back to read passages often. Some even have parts highlighted because I wanted to remember them.

When I wrote Wings and Feet as a children’s picture book, I had parents in mind too. I wanted something that had hidden meaning for parents to discuss with their children so they could keep going back again and again to find new meaning.

The first message that pops up is about being different.- different isn’t bad or good, it’s just different. I mean who’s to say which is better- having wings or having feet?

I love that these two friends get those differences addressed right up front by stating, “I’ll run and you fly.” They go about enjoying things together but getting there a little differently.

How many times do we think we know what is best for someone else? The child thinks he knows what is best for the butterfly but should have asked just like we should in real life. What is good for us isn’t always what will work for others.

Standing up for yourself is another hidden gem. When someone wants you to do something that would harm you it is important to let them know, “No, I can’t do that.”

Packing all this into a little picture book just flowed out along with many other meanings jammed inside. I hope it is a blessing to parents and children, especially at quiet times. A story to bring you closer together and ending with a kiss just like the butterfly.

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