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Spins and Stalls

Spins and Stalls

Cuero Texas, March 21 1944


Letter from Dad to Mom from his cadette school.

Dearest Marijo


I stayed in the air for an hour today. I did 3 stalls, 5 spins, made 6- 260 degree turns with 60 degree banks.  I flew my elementary 8’s, S turns, and all other kinds of turns. When I came in for my landing, I didn’t cut my throttle soon enough or let my flaps down and I over shot the field and had to go around and come in again.


My instructor has plenty of patience because he didn’t seem to get mad at all. I really appreciate having a nice instructor.


Honey, I have to go now and study my meteorology now!


All my love,

Your sweet husband


CUERO FIELD. During World War II Cuero Field, located at Cuero Municipal Airport, two miles west of Cuero in DeWitt County, was a United States Army Air Forces training field. It was approved by the government as a primary training facility in January 1941 and established on February 6, 1941. Brayton Flying Service, headed by Clyde E. Brayton, was located at the airport and was awarded the government contract to manage the training operations. All instructors and mechanics were civilian, though the army rigidly supervised the training. The nine-week course included classes in meteorology, navigation, aircraft identification, and aircraft engines. Training included five hours on the Link simulation trainer and sixty-five hours’ actual flying time. The capacity was 290 cadets. Thousands of pilots who graduated from Cuero Field went on to serve in World War II. The Brayton Flying Service School payroll brought about $145,000 a month into Cuero’s economy. The commanding officers of Cuero Field, until the date of its deactivation on August 31, 1944, were Capt. James H. Price and majors Shepler W. Fitzgerald and Timothy F. O’Keefe. After the school closed, the government retained one hangar to repair and service army planes, and Brayton, an aviation pioneer, moved to Houston to become president of Red Arrow Freight Lines.

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