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Snacks with Arnold

Snacks with Arnold

I thought it would be a great idea to get the boys together for a healthy snack so I assembled a tray of food that gave a variety of nutritious items.


I guess I forgot just how much growing boys eat! That tray of healthy goodness was devoured in about 10 minutes! If you notice the plates that I had in front of me never get used because they ate the food before it could make it to the plates!


I chose bananas as one of the top items we always take for snacks. They are easy to transport and have their own serving dish attached. You can see by the video that a 4 year old can stuff his cheeks with alternating banana and almonds at the same time for a delectable meal.


Growing up we use to have bananas and Lorna Doones shortbread cookies together. I can still taste it when I think about it. I tried the almonds and bananas together and it is good too.


Another good snack it to slice up the bananas and blueberries together (although our food disappeared before I could make the dish.)


My mom would make the best fruit salad so I thought I would share the recipe below:

1 banana sliced in quarters then chopped

1 orange peeled -segmented- then cut into bite sized pieces

1 apple cored and chopped

A handful of shredded coconut

And a small jar of maraschino cherries


For picnics she would put this into the small sized mason jars so we could each have one.


I think I’ll go make some for these chow hounds.

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