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School Memories

School Memories

It is amazing what I have been able to uncover from my parent’s boxes- I finally have the time to go through these wonderful treasures.

I found this autograph book with a lovely cover and tie. What a wonderful idea for us authors that we could imitate. It would be simple to make and lovely to have as people read our books.

This one is from Mom’s class of 1935 when she was in sixth grade. Currently, that is middle school for our children but then she was still in elementary school. I remember her talking about it because they would typically have their friends autograph as they were leaving to go onto Jr High School (what they called it, instead of middle school.)

On the page marked “social activities” Mom has dramatic club-dancing- and piano. We learn in my book “Football Flyboy” that Mom did many dramatic readings and Dad embarrassed her by making her read in class in high school. What a discovery to find her readings in Jr High as well.

I didn’t know she was a dancer! But this revelations along with playing the piano sheds light on why she made me take ballet and piano lessons. I had no talent in either of those areas which must have disappointed her. I still look like a robot trying to be graceful in any type of dance move. I envy those who can sway with grace and rhythm.

Mom and Pat

Most pages have a poem of a line or two. One of my favorites is on the first page from her sister Marcia-

Roses are red- violets are blue- You are sweet and so am I.

(Marcia did not share her drama reading talents)

Then one from her best friend Pat Tucker

Remember me early

Remember me late

Remember me as an old school mate

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