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Ruby and Hillary

Ruby and Hillary

I know that Dad was a Republican- however there was a bit of a liberal in there. I don’t think he would have voted for Hillary- although my mother may have. I am absolutely sure that those 4 liberated sisters would have.

It makes me laugh to think about what the discussion over this election would have been like in the living room  while they ate pie and smoked cigarettes.

Hillary vs Donald would have been in high debate. The men would be hollering for Donald, while the women voiced their vehement views for Hillary.

Oh yes- the Cannon family would have had much to say about politics today.

No one would get mad- there would be lots of laughter- and no final decision would be made.


“My Brother Was an Only Child”

By Ruby Lee

From the day he was born the whole family has been “dancing to his

tune.” I was the only holdout! Mother used to say he was her best child.

My answer to that was “of course he was because no one ever crossed

him, he had his own way about everything.”

The day he was born resulted in my displacement as the baby of

the family and also caused my first real punishment.

It happened this way: Jack and I were sent to Mrs. Thompson’s

because Mother was in labor. We chased the ice wagon down the street

and Jack, being older, jumped on, and I didn’t make it. Of course, I fell

and howled with pain and anger which brought the whole episode to

attention. Mrs. Thompson made us sit on a trunk in her dining room

as punishment. It seemed like forever, probably 10 minutes. We could

hear celebration next door at the advent of a baby boy!

Because of my sweet, forgiving nature, I was eventually able to

overcome my resentment and came to love him too, very dearly.

Most people think Bud (the name she called Dad) is a chauvinistic,

right-wing, Republican. I think he’s a phony! Being non-political I don’t

even know what a right wing Republican is, but I’ve heard enough

to know they are unpleasant people. It occurs to me that after the

disaster of the last 12 years of a Republican government that no one

would claim to be a Republican unless they choose to ignore the facts.

At heart, I think Buster is a liberal Democrat and has secret respect

for the Clinton’s—especially Hillary!

I do believe that he is sensitive as a result of having a liberated

mother and four liberated sisters that have shaped his early life.

And by the way, the only time I was ever spanked by Mother it was

“Buster’s fault.”

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