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Wings and Feet


Wings and Feet

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The Mom’s Choice Award-Winning and 5-star Reader’s Favorite book, Wings and Feet is a sweet story about a very rare friendship between a child and a butterfly. They both discover each other’s differences while learning how these differences complement their friendship. 

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From the award-winning best selling writer of Bart’s Escape Out the Gate, David’s Christmas Wish and Arnold, the Cute Little Pig with Personality, this 5-star Reader’s Favorite and Mom’s Choice Award-Winning book, Wings and Feet is a sweet story about a very rare friendship. A child and butterfly discover each other’s differences while learning how these differences complement their friendship. The child can run through the meadows while the butterfly flies from up above. Yet they both love to play in the meadow for hours.

When my wings get tired, I can land for a rest. 

If your feet get tired, you’ll sit; that is best. 

They’re different that way, my wings and your feet, 

but we are still friends and our friendship runs deep.

The child loves the butterfly so much that he wants to keep the butterfly in a jar to keep him safe. However, the butterfly has to set boundaries with the boy by explaining that his freedom is the best way to stay safe. With their differences revealed out in the open, the unlikely two are able to create a lasting friendship for today’s generation and those to come.

Review from Victoria for Glass of Wine, Glass of Milk:

As T and I read, he began to say the repetitive lines eagerly. We talked about how the butterfly and boy must feel, and T initially wanted the boy to keep the butterfly. By the end of the book, with a fair amount of conversation, he was convinced that butterflies should remain free. Wings and Feet is a poetic examination of respect for nature and a lovely tool for fostering conversations about what all living things shareRead more.



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10 reviews for Wings and Feet

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    Erin Nicole Cochran for Reader’s Favorite

    Wings and Feet by author Lisa Reinicke and illustrator Scot McDonald is a children’s book that focuses on the friendship of a boy and a butterfly. It has a delightful rhyming quality, hitting you at all levels of emotion, from happy, to anxious, to a touching ending. The illustrations on every page are simple in style, but have a wonderful core of perfection to them. There are warm tones in areas and then there is one area that is darker, that really pops out at you, and nearly takes you into a whole other world in itself.

    I don’t know if this will be true of everyone, but I burst into tears at the end of Lisa Reinicke’s Wings and Feet. I’m not sure how a short children’s book was able to bring me to tears so quickly, but it was definitely a cathartic experience. The circle of life was touched upon, and I’m a lover of all creatures great and small, so maybe that’s why. I remember helping caterpillars into trees so that they wouldn’t get squashed on the driveway. There was something about this book that made me think of The Last Unicorn and of The Land Before Time, but I don’t want to give everything away about it. You’ll have to find out for yourself just how heartwarming it is.

    This book is perfect for children. They will be delighted by Scot McDonald’s illustrations and will hopefully understand the message inside this book, which is plainly understandable. Depending on their age, it might be something that an adult needs to explain to them. It was one of the best children’s books I’ve ever read. Your little one will want you to read it night after night.

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    Fran Lewis, Just Reviews/MJ Magazine

    Children are unique and butterflies are too and each one has to care for the one thing that helps them get around: Wings and Feet. As you read you will learn the differences and many similarities between children and butterflies and what we both love and what we both enjoy doing but in different ways. Have you ever heard the sweet song of their wings? The ending is touching as the butterfly explains his lifespan and gives the boy a special gift he will never forget. What is the gift and how does the butterfly deliver it? “ Our love is not different despite wings and feet! Forever they would be friends and their friendship runs deep!

    This book teaches friendship, embracing differences, understanding, what we have in common with butterflies and why the world is the same for everyone but we navigate it in our own way some with Wings and others with Feet. Illustrations that bring it to life by Scot McDonald this is a great book to teach all of the issues mentioned and to help children learn about butterflies.

    – Fran Lewis: Just reviews/MJ magazine

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    Shawna Linquist

    Lisa Reinicke’s book, Wings and Feet, truly touches the soul! Whether the reader is a child or an adult, they will enjoy this story! I loved the symbolism of friendship between two people who are similar, yet different; who come to love and respect their differences. My children will be able to recall this story as they encounter new, different and unique people in their lives and hopefully, will be able to be like the little boy and the butterfly and become steadfast friends who embrace who they are individually, while also accepting the other person as they are. Great book!

  4. Avatar

    Ella Bianchi

    Wings and Feet shares an important message to children, that message being that two people, despite their differences, can come together to create a friendship everlasting, the idea that the symbolism of the boy and the butterfly represents.

    I thought the illustrations were very simple and cute, and I really enjoyed the rhyme schemes and repetition used throughout the story.

    Overall, I thought this was a cute read that I found to be enjoyable. I’d recommend!

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    Cari Pemberton

    As an Area Development Manager for Mercy Ships, I see physical differences through my work daily. Lisa Reinicke shows that differences can be not just acceptable but actually beautiful in her story. Friendships aren’t based on similarities of bodies, but on unions of hearts. I’ll be sure to read other books by Reinicke.

  6. Avatar

    Tony B.

    STORYTIME-Lisa was a delightful storyteller that held the attention of the children. All eyes were on her, and the children were eager to participate in the story and answer her questions. That was the first thing I noticed because the children are usually noisy and fidgety at story-time. Secondly, the children were excited when she personally autographed their books giving each child’s name and some words of encouragement.
    THE BOOK- I read the book. It was a cute little story about a friendship between a little boy and a butterfly. Although the story was about friendship, it taught how to care for butterflies, i.e.; you never touch their wings because the oil from your hands will cause their wings to fail. There were several other important facts interwoven in the story. It was very well written and easy to understand. Also, it held the attention of the children.

  7. Avatar

    Judith Briles

    My family loved this book. When there are kids, some arrive with “differences” … some come with no apparent physical flaws. Wings and Feet delivers a delightful story about ta butterfly and a little boy who instantly recognize that they aren’t the same. In the end, they become best friends–a powerful message for today’s world. Highly recommended–it’s become a page turner in our household.

  8. Avatar

    Damia Vogt

    My kids loved it and were entertained the whole time. I like how it shows that you can be friends with anybody and still have fun.

  9. Avatar

    Brian Grant

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading Wings and Feet with my young sons. As a father of eight kids, I felt this book captured what it’s like for children to discover nature. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun book to read with their kids.

  10. Avatar


    Butterflies are one of my favorite creatures ever created. This story is such a wonderful book, with a great message. My kids really enjoyed this story, and the rhyming is cute. This is one of three books we own written by Lisa Reinicke, and I love that she writes stories based on what has happened in real life. Will definitely keep an eye out for more books by Lisa.

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