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Toast with a Side of Dragon


Toast with a Side of Dragon

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All Harry wants is to go about his normal routine and to be left alone, but instead, a whiny dragon interrupts his tranquil life over breakfast. How can he shake this tearful dragon and get back to his peaceful life?

Though he’s determined to ignore the baby dragon, Harry is faced with noisy—and hilarious—changes in his quiet home. Once he gets to know Piff, Harry comes to learn that life may be easier alone, but it’s definitely better with a dragon.
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4 reviews for Toast with a Side of Dragon

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    Rachel Steppuhn, Colorado Educator

    “Toast with a Side of Dragon is a heartwarming story about an unlikely friendship between a troll and a dragon. Set in Norway, it pays homage to folklore of that region. Readers of all ages will enjoy the way Harry, the troll, grows in the story through his friendship with Piff, the dragon. Follow them through the evolution of just meeting to becoming friends. We all know how nice it is to have a routine. Sometimes, the best things in life happen when that routine becomes interrupted. Be prepared to laugh and possibly cry while you read this delightfully detailed story!”

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    Kayla Reinicke

    “What an adorable story! I love the characters and the amazing illustrations. Piff is the most darling little dragon, who will win your hearts. The story teaches all about change and how even the most drastic change in your life can turn out to be something wonderful!” -Dede Stockton, Author

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    Kayla Reinicke

    “I thought this book was very well done. I enjoyed how it was written for the intended age groups, but also introduces some new vocabulary! The story line is a good one, showing us that sometimes life doesn’t go the way we plan it to go, but it can turn out better than what we ever would’ve imagined.
    I have a 10 year old and 5 year, and they both actually really enjoy the story. It’s way below age level for my 10 year old, but she really likes the characters and the story. My 5 year old can’t read yet, but she’s learning sight words- so she likes to pick out her words from each page and hear the story as well!” -Stephen, Father

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    Kayla Reinicke

    “”Trolls and Dragons are always a favorite with kids. Recently I was able to visit Norway where troll figures and legends enhanced all shopping, homes, and even restaurants. It was enchanting and fun. This book is also enchanting and fun but teaches young readers a lesson in learning how to deal with change and the good that can come with it. Cute story and great illustrations that are sure to capture the attention of young readers. Loved the man bun too.” -Virginia K. White, Author

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