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Does a good man’s life end at his death?

The answer for daughter Lisa Reinicke was, “No.” Her father was known by many names: Buster, Bill, Billy, Dad, and the Football Flyboy. His deeds, no matter how small, should be passed down to family, friends, and anyone looking for inspiration, and life-lessons from one who worked, lived and part of the Greatest Generation. The Football Flyboy was young, newlywed and a pilot in WWII. He was a good man.

One weekend morning, she determined that his spirit should not stay silent just because his mouth could no longer speak words. “I open my dad’s old air force footlocker – still solid, battleship grey, weathered, and a little rough from travel and age. His name is in white lettering on the front: First Lt William Cannon.”

What she discovered were yellowed letters bound in twine – hundreds of them – that her father had written to her mother. Letters written daily during the last year of WWII. Letters that his bride never received until he finally returned home after the war ended.

Before reaching inside, there was a feeling of the hands of time grabbing onto my heart, knowing that this was such a huge part of not only his life buy my mom’s as well.

Meet Bill “Buster” Cannon, the Football Flyboy … a good man with a good life who made a difference.


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3 reviews for Pre-Order Football Flyboy

  1. Bob P.

    Football Flyboy is a story with earthiness and honesty we have largely forgotten today, punctuated with the heartsick loneliness that only a soldier out of contact with his family for extended periods can understand. Each chapter opens with “one of the letter” and closes with the author’s Aunt Ruby’s poems – highlighting the point of the chapter or just providing the reader with a smile or a tear. An entertaining read and not a typical War story.
    – Bob P. former tinker, soldier, sailor, spy

  2. Andi Sue Phillips

    Bravo to an ordinary man who had the desire to be the best version of himself, regardless of his circumstances and the challenges of war. Through the eyes of his daughter comes First Lt William R Cannon, United States Army Air Force story on the rich history of the WWII era and his flight around the world. I found myself laughing out loud at his unique humor and didn’t want the story to end. Fly away with Football Flyboy! I would have been honored to have known and served with him.
    – Andi Sue Phillips, United States Naval Aviator

  3. Dan

    The author perfectly introduced us to her father, who without a doubt was indeed a “goodman.” His letters coupled with her follow up commentary allowed me to perfectly understand her father and family throughout his twilight years. I was so impressed by the author’s ability to vividly recall so many finite details from her upbringing. Her clear and articulate writing style really resonated with me.
    – Dan Navy Seal

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