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Football Flyboy


Football Flyboy

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Does a good man’s life end at his death?

One weekend daughter, Lisa Reinicke opened her “dad’s old air force footlocker” to discover yellow letters bound in twine – that her father wrote to her mother. The letters were written daily during the last year of WWII.

Before reaching inside, there was a feeling of the hands of time grabbing onto my heart, knowing that this was such a huge part of not only his life buy my mom’s as well.

Meet Bill “Buster” Cannon, the Football Flyboy … a good man with a good life who made a difference.

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As World War II winds down, a cocky young Army Airforce pilot confronts the messy cleanup of a war-ravaged world. As loneliness, frustration, fear, and a strong call to duty begin to shape him, Buster also known as Bill would become known as the Football Flyboy—is humbled by the devastation and struggles he sees around him.

Writing letters home to his family back in Oklahoma, Buster shares his daily experiences with refreshing candor, raw emotion and even humor:

“Well, I still can’t figure it out if Japan surrendered because of the Atom bomb or because Russia entered into the war, but I can’t help but believe it was because they heard that I was on my way over.”

Buster desperately misses his young bride Mary, his parents and his four, strong-willed sisters. With each letter home, we watch him grow and mature amid the horrifying cultural forces that shaped The Greatest Generation.

Enriched by commentary from Buster’s only daughter, author Lisa Reinicke, Football Flyboy revisits the life of boy who became a patriot in the service of others. Written as Lisa helped her family prepare for her father’s death at the age of 72, Lisa has created the perfect book for those looking for a different kind of World War II read—one that explores the power of love and family in a world turned upside down.



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6 reviews for Football Flyboy

  1. Bob P.

    Football Flyboy is a story with earthiness and honesty we have largely forgotten today, punctuated with the heartsick loneliness that only a soldier out of contact with his family for extended periods can understand. Each chapter opens with “one of the letter” and closes with the author’s Aunt Ruby’s poems – highlighting the point of the chapter or just providing the reader with a smile or a tear. An entertaining read and not a typical War story.
    – Bob P. former tinker, soldier, sailor, spy

  2. Andi Sue Phillips

    Bravo to an ordinary man who had the desire to be the best version of himself, regardless of his circumstances and the challenges of war. Through the eyes of his daughter comes First Lt William R Cannon, United States Army Air Force story on the rich history of the WWII era and his flight around the world. I found myself laughing out loud at his unique humor and didn’t want the story to end. Fly away with Football Flyboy! I would have been honored to have known and served with him.
    – Andi Sue Phillips, United States Naval Aviator

  3. Dan

    The author perfectly introduced us to her father, who without a doubt was indeed a “goodman.” His letters coupled with her follow up commentary allowed me to perfectly understand her father and family throughout his twilight years. I was so impressed by the author’s ability to vividly recall so many finite details from her upbringing. Her clear and articulate writing style really resonated with me.
    – Dan Navy Seal

  4. BookLife Prize

    The organization of this memoir is endearing and nostalgic. As a war story, it is unconventional as it is told through a daughter’s lens. The use of letters, poems, and photographs bring the anecdotes and memories to life. Readers will feel they know Bill Cannon and his wife personally.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Susie Huiet

    This true story touched my heart and was a constant page turner to re-live the times in an era gone by and family dynamics held hostage by the man who loved to fly. Myself married to pilot, I felt the distance, loneliness, pride & many other emotions the Author accurately painted. Beautifully detailed with keen descriptions of her father’s journey.
    Reading this book will give you a greater appreciation of sacrifices, trials and tribulations of one’s family from early days, thru dating, marriage and death via actual written letters filled with the her Dad’s real letters home. Its nice to reminisce and remember or recall (depending on your age) how simple yet complex life was then, as it is indeed still now. Lest we never forget the lives lost for our freedoms with brave young men who put it all on the line for all of us back home and the country they truly loved.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Victoria Haugen

    What a gem. I’m so happy to have come across this story! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I just turned 50 and am already one of those that are ranting “God, I miss the good ole’ days” and “They just don’t make em’ like that anymore.” I truly miss the days before technology took over our lives, and I appreciate this glimpse into a life with some REAL. I was raised by a very old fashioned southern gentlemen from Alabama and a gentle loving mother from Mississippi, who taught me how to be a good person, old-school style. My parents are now gone, but their lessons will live on forever. A beautiful story with beautiful narration.

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