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Butterfly Finger Puppet


Butterfly Finger Puppet


This butterfly finger puppet pairs great with the book “Wings and Feet.”

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This realistic butterfly is designed with stretchy nylon fabric for the body to fit on fingers of many sizes. It’s sheer wings flutter gracefully up and down with the motion of your hand. The ease of control of this realistic butterfly makes storytime so much fun. This product pairs well with “Wings and Feet.”

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4" Long


2.08 oz.


DO NOT PUT IN WASHER OR DRYER. This will destroy your puppet. For spot cleaning, use lukewarm water and sponge with mild liquid detergent to wet and lather. Rinse surface with a sponge. Be careful to not wring or twist the puppet. Dry gently by squeezing between towels or hang from clothesline to drip-dry.


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