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Arnold Special Bundle


Arnold Special Bundle


Arnold is written in an easy to format with the words in simple font on white back ground at the bottom of each page. The pictures are colorful and funny as we get to see Arnold getting into big mischief. There are repeating words to help young readers be able to identify them though out the story. A story that pre-K and K’s will love to repeat.


For a limited time only get Arnold The Cute Little Pig With Personality with a big pig hand puppet for National Get Ready for Kindergarten Bundle!

From the award-winning best selling author of Wings and Feet, Bart’s Escape Out the Gate, David’s Christmas Wish this is Lisa’s first children’s book. Arnold, the Cute Little Pig with Personality, a 5-start Reader’s Favorite, is about her real pet pig Arnold. He was full of personality and everyone loved him. Especially as he sang his little “oink” songs.

They thought he was such a cute little pig when he begged for food by oinking a little tune,

so they gave him tacos, burgers, fries, and pizza. 

They laughed as he oinked with pleasure.

Arnold had one major problem, he loved to eat and everyone loved to feed him. So Mom tries to teach Arnold that fruits and veggies are yummy. He even learns that exercise is fun by playing outside with the horses. Even though being healthy is good for you it’s okay to have an occasional cookie as a treat!


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