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Pets need to potty

Piggy Poop
I will never forget the time that one of the kids got into the car with pig poop on their boots. The stench was immediate, and my nostrils revolted in an instant. Someone forgot to let Arnold our potbelly pig out to potty, resulting in a gross pile left by the back door.
The mishap could not be blamed on poor Arnold. In fact, bless his heart, there were even snout prints on the bottom of the door where he butted the lower corner.
Awe, but no one paid attention to his protests and so without a choice, he pooped. His little butt could pucker no more and splat, poop sat, right where we could step in it.
Lesson learned- If you have to potty, then your pet probably does too. But let your pet go outside to do it!

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