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New Year Poem

New Year Poem

Happy New Year everyone! As I was preparing for the new year, trying to get organized, I found a poem in my mom’s stuff. It’s the perfect poem to get the New Year started.

In my novel Football Flyboy, (coming out this year) I talk about my mom who was a drama student and her love of poetry. There are poems stuck in my head that I think she taught me and I hold them dear to my hear. I think the reason why I write in cadence with rhythm and rhyme, is because of her.


As we usher in the bright New Year,

Untarnished by sin and woe

A New Year full of hope and cheer,

If we will only make it so.


And have the faith of our fathers

And the courage to carry on

And stand for the right till the very last

That life may be valiant and strong


Let’s be soldiers of God, instead of war

Stand for right till it is done

Love our neighbors near and far

and peace the victory won.


Laura  Bucy, Shawnee Okla 1941

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