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New Diet- See it here!
Oh my heck- too much free food

New Diet- See it here!

Arnold got into most of his trouble eating free food. He gained weight by going to the neighbors for free tacos, pizza, and hamburgers. Then going to picnics where people loved to feed him cake and ice cream.

The same holds true for us if you think about it. Everything that is free food isn’t always good for us and packs on those extra pounds.

At Mexican restaurants we get those delicious chips and salsa. Yummy and I cannot pass that up. And I am always so hungry that I eat a whole bowl of chips before I get my food.

Italian cuisine we get free bread and butter. Sometimes it’s hot bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar which is to die for. The yeasty goodness even smells heavenly. Then I eat a bowl of pasta after that.

Pizza is often free especially if you help people move. Moving boxes and pizza just go together. Donuts arrive at the office because someone is being sweet to all their co-workers.

Candy dishes are scattered around and seem to be everywhere calling my name and it is all FREE! Yippy!

So here is to a new diet that worked for Arnold, “Don’t Eat Free Food Diet.”

I am going to see if it works. Let me know if you think Arnold is onto something!


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