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National Oklahoma Day

National Oklahoma Day

Buster, my dad and the main character in my newest memoir “Football Flyboy”, was born and raised in Oklahoma. Where we come from makes up a good portion of who we become. Hospitality comes to mind. I learned a lot about how to treat guests from my parents, those down home southern values were passed onto me. Oh, and can’t forget ‘bout that good ‘ol fried chicken! Mmmm. Gets my soul movin’ just thankin’ ‘bout it!
A little bit of interesting Oklahoma history:
1. The worlds first parking meter was installed in Oklahoma City on July 16, 1935. Patented by Carl Magee, of Oklahoma City on May 13, 1935.
2. Vinita, originally known as Downingville, is the oldest town on Oklahoma Route 66. It was established in 1871 and was the first town in Oklahoma to have electricity. The name changed in honor of Vinnie Ream, the sculptress who created to Lincoln statue located at the US Capital.
3. Turner Falls is the oldest park in Oklahoma. Honey creek is made up of many springs, which falls down a 77 foot waterfall into a natural swimming pool. It is also the largest waterfall in Oklahoma.
4. Anadarko is the only Indian City in the United States. Located in southwest Oklahoma along the Washita river.
5. Boise city, OK was the only US city to be bombed during WWII. On July 5, 1943 at approximately 12:30am, a B-17 bomber based at Dalhart Army base, dropped 6 practice bombs on the town as they slept.
6. Okmulgee, OK holds the world record for the largest pecan pie, pecan cookie, pecan brownie and biggest ice cream and cookie party. They have an annual festival in June.
7. An Oklahoma native, Sylvan Holdman, invented the shopping cart.
8. Belle star, one of the most famous women outlaws, is buried in an isolated grave southwest of Porum, OK near the Eufaula dam.
9. Oklahoma’s first public school of higher education, originally known as “Normal School”, is now known as the university of central Oklahoma. Started as a teachers college and is now a premier institution in the region.
10. Beaver, OK claims to be the cow chip throwing capital of the world. They have an annual contest in April.
Happy National Oklahoma Day Ya’ll

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