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National Hat Day

National Hat Day

National Hat Day brings a ton of memories to my mind.


I can remember my grandmother and all my aunts wearing hats every Sunday to church.  Church was a big event back in the 60’s. People dressed up in their finest, and the poor fellow sitting behind these ladies with the hats on had no chance of seeing the preacher. I think that may have been why my grandfather slept through every service.


Their hats all had little veils on them or tulle that dressed them up. They would dawn a pillbox hat once in awhile with sparkle tulle in the front. There might be a feather or two along the side.

A hat must be protected so they were stored in hat boxed that lined the top shelf of the small closet in the bedroom. I still have one of those treasured hat boxes.


My grandfather also worked a hat every day. He had absolutely no hair so a hat was functional to keep his head warm, he also looked better with it on. He never went anywhere without his hat.

I didn’t realize that we have so many hats until this day reminded me of it. Hats are fun, functional, and make us laugh.


Heck, I even made our horse a hat one time. This was at the time we had Arnold and an old horse named Nit Nat which was a 30-year-old appaloosa.  Nit Nat always had gas too, just like some older folks I know these days.


We were loading the poor old guy in the trailer when Arnold snuck up behind him and oinked. It scared the horse to death and caused him to rear up hitting his head on the top of the trailer putting a big puncture wound in his head.


It was deep enough that it needed washed and dressed every day until it could heal. In the summertime, the flies would keep landing in the wound and I needed some way to keep them out.


I found one of my kids’ old sheets, which happened to be a Bambi design that they had outgrown. I cut it up and made a kerchief type bonnet for Nit Nat the I could tie under his chin.  This worked great to keep the flies off and the horse looked darn cute too!


Happy Hat Day!!!

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