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National Gardening Exercise Day

National Gardening Exercise Day

Ok, now this is a day Arnold, Bart, and the butterfly could be best buds on. Bart would escape his pen, while chasing the butterfly, trampling over all the beautiful gardens that Arnold has planted. Hey- this could be my next story!
I try to turn everything into exercise, and my kids all just roll their eyes and giggle at me. Seriously though, gardening is hard work, but it pays off in the end. Making beautiful flowers, or scrumptious fruits and veggies! Why not take something you enjoy and get healthy doing it? But don’t forget the sunscreen!
Here’s my gardening exercise regime:
First: Keep all your gardening materials in the garage or shed. This will make it easier to get some cardio in.
Second: Get your rake, get your hoe and get that cardio in! Do 20 minutes of this work. If a small area, go ahead and mow too!
Third: Strengthen that booty and biceps by squatting the bag of soil 5 times, then curl your bag of soil 5 times. Do this at each stop, increasing your reps as your bag of soil gets lighter.
Fourth: Tone those legs by lunging forward to dig your holes.
Fifth: Sprint to get your flowers and/or plants and sprint back to the hole you just dug! Plant them.
Last: Get out that water hose and cool everything off!
Happy Garden Exercising

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