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National Day of Unplugging

I have a friend, Johnny Welsh, who is an author and wrote a fantastic book called Paper Maps, No Apps: An Unplugged Travel Adventure? I want to take the day to just celebrate his work, and encourage you to check out the book!

When we unplugged for our sixteen-day road trip, it felt like a ton of bricks were lifted from our shoulders. We communicated more, listened more, and met more incredible people who have since become friends. The fact that we both listen to each other a bit more has resulted in our engagement to be married. It doesn’t take a lot to make a big difference. All we did was reduce our use of smartphones and it has changed our lives by changing our perspectives.
I am a bartender, and I would not recommend total abstinence from smart technology. I merely suggested that we go for a 95% unplugged road trip which still leaves 48 minutes of ‘online time’ if we needed it. Most days we didn’t even accumulate 20 minutes. And, no, the minutes do not rollover. Nice try!
I have another idea. If anyone wants to post on our Facebook page, Paper Maps, No Apps how their unplugged day made a difference, I will host a contest and choose a few of the most profound for some prizes. Let us know what was good, bad, promising, etc. and what might you do in the future to reconnect with friends and family in the physical realm.
Have fun and enjoy.
Johnny Welsh

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