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National Children’s Day

National Children’s Day

Let’s be real, every day is national children’s day lol
My main audience for my books, are children. My children are parents of young children. From what I can see, life pretty much revolves around their children and their schedules. As it did for me when I was a parent of youngins. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that though. It is our job as parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, to mold these young children into functioning adults. It takes a village!
I love children, they are my people! Without them there would be no joy, well there would be no world because no children would mean no mankind. I can tell you so many stories, but here are my 4 favorite:
1. In this picture, you see the kids with an Astronaut.  My youngest granddaughter, thought he was something! She called him her Sweetheart, and hugged his autographed picture all day!
2. When I was a kid I would climb trees. I would get tree sap all over me and get into trouble- except at grandma’s where the sappiest tree of all was out her kitchen window. She didn’t care about the sap!
3. One night we lost our minds, and agreed to keep all 5 grand kids at once ALL weekend. Well, my youngest granddaughter was out of undies, and my youngest grandson didn’t have any shoes. So, we put Cinley in Tate’s extra undies and Tate in Cinley’s extra shoes! You have to be resourceful when you’ve got 5!
4. When my boys were little, we had a mustang pony named Elbert.  My youngest son was out riding him one day, and had a question to ask me but didn’t want to put Elbert away quite yet, so he opened the door and brought the dang horse in the house. He asked me his question, then rode Elbert right on out the back door!
I’d like to hear your childrens stories too! Write them down, post them on my Facebook page, email them to me, whatever! I just want to hear us all honor our kids on this very special National Children’s Day!

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