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National Book Lover’s Day

National Book Lover’s Day

The love of books starts at an early age. I started my guys even before they were 1 year old with Pat the Bunny, and books that they could feel.

It was a time to sit still, focus, and turn the pages. They figured out that something was on the page for them to enjoy. The love of the book was more than the words; it was time to be together too.

As kids grow, books teach them about life, and open discussions between parent and child.

As adults, books give us a break from reality with fantasy. Mysteries engage our problem solving skills. Romance novels can help us appreciate our mates. My personal favorites are the ones that make me ponder life, make me laugh, and have a possible tear.

So go grab a book today- some chocolate milk- and enjoy a book with your sweet kids.

Then maybe a glass of wine – draw a bath- and grab a book for yourself after the kids are in bed.

Read to or listen to a book with your husband when you are in the car together-hey it gives you something to discuss.

What do you like to read?

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