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My Search

My Search

Searching through my mother’s old shoe boxes full of newspaper clippings, I came across this poem today. It spoke to me in the way I see God and certainly the way he sees me. When I am with children, I experience laughter, tears, love, warmth, and now and then a moment of anger that quickly fades to tenderness.

Titled- My Search


I searched for God in the Temple,

Beside an altar fair,

I’m sure He was in the Temple,

But I could not find Him there.


I searched for God in the mountains,

Beneath a wide open sky,

And if He walked there on the mountain

He surely passed me by.


I searched for God in the valleys,

And beside the clear running streams,

And I searched everywhere to find Him,

I even searched hard in my dreams.


And then one day I found Him,

In such a common place,

As a child looked up at me smiling,

and I looked down in its face.


Jane E. Davis (somewhere in Oklahoma in 1942)

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