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Lisa Reinicke

Lisa Reinicke is the majority holder of Our House Publications and author of 2018 Book Excellence Award Finalist, Football Flyboy and 4 published children’s picture books, including 2018 Purple Dragonfly Honorable Mention Bart’s Escape Out the Gate and 2018 Book Excellence Award Winner for the category of friendship, 2018 Purple Dragonfly Honorable Mention, and 2017 Gold Mom’s Choice Award for lifetime literary excellence Wings and Feet, for sale on Amazon and independent bookstores.  

She is a storyteller and author of 35 children’s stories appearing on local TV shows, elementary schools, and bookstores. The stories have been published in 3 collective recordings for distribution for A Goodnight Sleep Company.

Lisa also produced online (virtual) training for automotive service advisors and technicians. She serves as head writer and on-camera talent in the videos.

All her books are entertaining yet focus on social issues that engage children and parents to discuss.  Her four children were all uniquely different ranging from physical differences, adoption, and physiological disorders that lead her following experts in each field to help children overcome the stigma around being different.  Lisa passionately works raising money for charities that improve children’s lives physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Lisa Reinicke

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Football Flyboy
1st Lt. bill Cannon, Piloting More Than his own aircraft

Author: Lisa Reinicke

Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-9993637-3-7

Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9993637-4-4

eBook ISBN: 978-0-9993637-5-1

Publisher: Our House Publications

Coming June 2018

Book Synopsis

BUSTER, a small-town football hero, turns pilot during WWII, with an ego to match both titles. His attitude grows as he gets outside his comfort zone piloting C-47 troop an cargo carriers from Labrador, Greenland, The Philippines, China and all around the world. His letters are a one-way communication showing his journey as his mail could never catch up with him. This left him to write what was on his mind every day.

Through his letters and poems from his sister, Ruby Lee we learn the family dynamics that made him into a man. While remaining true to his high school sweetheart he married prior to leaving on his tour of duty, Buster learns his imperfections determined to me a man of honor and compassion. His death is met with no regrets.

The author bounces back between his letters, his family stories, and his ending times to build his character in multiple dimensions. From the baby with no-name that dethroned Ruby Lee, to hotshot flyboy, husband, father, corporate big-wig, and finally “Old Dad,” Buster makes a statement of what it takes to be a good man.

Bart's Escape Out the Gate

Author: Lisa Reinicke

Illustrator: Analise Black

Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-9993637-0-6

Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9993637-1-3

eBook ISBN: 978-0-9993637-2-0

Page Count: 32

Publisher: Our House Publications

Available from: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram Spark, Brodart, Create Space, Ship My Books, Walmart, and

Book Synopsis: A child forgets to close the gate and his pet dinosaur, Bart, get out. Bart causes a big mess all over the town. The child has to problem solve to capture the dinosaur and get him back in the gate. Then the cleanup begins to take care of what was broken because of the mistake the child made.

Reader’s Favorite 5 Star Review by Mamta Madhavan

Bart’s Escape Out the Gate is delightful and has an excellent message for young readers, that of being responsible and fixing things which have been broken. The illustrations are vivid and lively and they make the characters and story come alive. Parents should read books like this to their children, and tutors and educators can use this story for read aloud sessions in classrooms because of its lovely message. 

Sample: That’s when everything that could, went wrong. He was making trouble for everyone, so I set out on my quest to catch him.

Wings and Feet

Author: Lisa Reinicke

Illustrator: Scot McDonald

Hardcover ISBN: 978-09978103-2-5

Paperback ISBN: 978-09978103-3-2

eBook ISBN: 978-0-9978103-7-0

Page Count: 32

Publisher: Our House Publications

Available from: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram Spark, Brodart, Create Space, Ship My Books, Walmart, and

Book Synopsis: Mom’s Choice Award/ A butterfly and a child discover each others differences and how they can compliment their friendship. The child can run through the meadows while the butterfly flies from above, yet they both love to play in the meadow for hours. The child wants to keep the butterfly in a jar to keep him safe. Instead the butterfly explains how he must remain free to keep from harm. With their differences revealed they are able to produce a lasting friendship.

Reader’s Favorite 5 Star Review by Erin Nicole Cochran:

I don’t know if this will be true of everyone, but I burst into tears at the end of Lisa Reinicke’s Wings and Feet. I’m not sure how a short children’s book was able to bring me to tears so quickly, but it was definitely a cathartic experience. The circle of life was touched upon, and I’m a lover of all creatures great and small, so maybe that’s why. There was something about this book that made me think of The Last Unicorn and of The Land Before Time, but I don’t want to give everything away about it. You’ll have to find out for yourself just how heartwarming it is. One of the best children’s books I’ve ever read.

Sample: I won’t let you fall as I run through the trees. I’ll hold you close, even if there’s a breeze. The difference won’t matter, between wings and feet, since we are good friends and our friendship runs deep.

Arnold, The cute little Pig with personality

Author: Lisa Reinicke

Illustrator: Steve Reinicke

Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-9978103-4-9

Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9978103-5-6

eBook ISBN: 978-0-9978103-6-3

Page Count: 32

Publisher: Our House Publications

Available from: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram Spark, Brodart, Create Space, Ship My Books, Walmart, and

Book Synopsis: Arnold, the Cute Little Pig with Personality is about Lisa’s real pet pig named Arnold. He was full of personality and everyone loved him, especially as he sang his little “oink” songs. Arnold had one major problem, he loved to eat and everyone loved to feed him. He learned that veggies and exercise are good for him and that an occasional cookie was a real treat.

Reader’s Favorite 5 Star Review by Mamta Madhavan:

Arnold The Cute Little Pig With Personality is adorable and children will love Arnold’s character even more when they get to know that it is based on the author’s cute little pet pig. The pictures also breathe life into the scenes and make them vivid to young readers. I like the manner in which the author weaves in the message of eating healthily and exercising through the story of Arnold.

Sample: Arnold began to wander out of the yard in search of more food. He would visit the neighbors, singing his little oink song.

David's Christmas Wish

Author: Lisa Reinicke

Illustrator: Scot McDonald

Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-9978103-1-8 

eBook ISBN: 978-0-9978103-9-4

Page Count: 32

Publisher: Our House Publications

Available from: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram Spark, Brodart, Create Space, Ship My Books, and

Book Synopsis: A sweet story about the immense love of parents who will go to all lengths to make sure their little boy gets a simple wish. For Christmas David only wants a simple gift, a goldfish and not even one toy. On the night before Christmas Mom and Dad discover the present the bought was not swimming. They jump into action to replace the little fish. However, a blizzard foils their plans and Dad has to hike through snow to find that the pet store is closing. 

Reader’s Favorite 5 Star Review by Emily-Jane Hills Orford

Lisa Reinicke has written a charming Christmas story in David’s Christmas Wish. Written in rhyming meter, the poem unfolds much like the much loved and very famous poem, “Twas the night before Christmas.” Not only does this delightful story capture the imaginative mind of a child, it also shows children how much parents love them and are willing to go to great lengths to grant their every wish. Complete with lovely illustrations by Scot McDonald, this story has the potential of being a popular Christmas treasure for children, young and old. For aren’t we all children at heart?

Sample: In front of the house were drifts of new snow, their car was invisible somewhere below. So Dad started digging as fast as he could, but soon realized his plan was not good.

interview topics

1. Why did you start writing children’s books? Who or what inspires you?

2. What authors have helped you along your journey? 

3. If you tell your younger self anything about writing what would it be? 

4. Why do you write many of your children’s books in cadence and poetry? 

5. When you’re not writing or working, what do you like to do?

6. How has writing influenced your spiritual journey? 

7. Are there hidden meanings in your books? If so, what are they and why did you choose to write about those issues?

8. What would you choose as your avatar/spirit animal/mascot?

9. Out of all your books which one made your cry and which one made you laugh?

11. What’s next for you? What is your next project? 

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