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Male Watchers

Male Watchers

Yes, there is such a day as male watchers day. To some, it means watching men and seeing all those muscles and yelling, “woohoo.” That is a fun way to celebrate today!

However, it made me start thinking that there is more to male watching than meets the eye. Beauty is only skin deep, right?

The news is full of men that are not worth watching no matter how good they look. On the inside, they have “stinking thinking.” So let’s look hard today while we are watching to see through the exterior. Acknowledge the following men today and let them know we see them:


Men full of compassion– who can laugh and cry.
Men who do the right thing– even when it is hard.
Men who use self-control– don’t put themselves in positions that could cause them to stray from honor.
Men who are kind and honest– speak the truth in kindness.
Men who are strong in faith– that can stand up when we can’t.
Men who will not leave their families standing alone-they will fight to hold them together.


These are the qualities that they may not be born with but develop as they grow. Watch for my new book coming out this year, “Football Flyboy.” A good man will grow out of a man with a cocky flyboy attitude.

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