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Let Us Eat Cake

Let Us Eat Cake

It seems that what most of my books have in common is FOOD. I wonder if subconsciously I am hungry when I write?

Arnold (the Cute Little Pig with Personality) is basically all about food. Arnold is obsessed with finding food, eating food, and not thinking about the consequences. It is a true story about our potbelly pig and his adventures with and without food, (mostly with).

I have a lot in common with Arnold though, because I love food too. When I was pregnant, ice cream was my favorite, it called my name in the wee hours of the night. As the children grew, so did my waistline. I found that whatever was left on their plates went into my mouth, instead of the garbage. After all, it is wasteful to throw out food!

Then as teenagers, it seemed that they were always eating. They were bottomless pits that needed constant nutrition in the form of convenience packaged products easily accessed at a moments hunger. The problem was that those packaged goodies gravitated to my hand every time I opened the cabinet.

By the time of their weddings, I no longer fit into a dress that I desired that was acceptable for photographs. My first desire for their wedding was a lifetime of happiness, and the second request was for a photographer that could take skinny pictures.

That is when I took a lesson from Arnold and decided to try healthy eating and exercise. The first thing I had to do was get rid of all the junk food and fill the fridge with healthy fruits and veggies. Who knew that Arnold would like carrots and apples when he first attempted a new lifestyle…. but he did! And so did I!

Just like that little potbelly pig, I slimmed down. At the end of the book, he is so happy because he can run and play. For me, it feels great to be able to ride bikes, hike, and run around the park with 5 energetic grandchildren. Eating healthy was a process just like the book tells it.

Eliminate the temptations. Fill in with healthy creations. Exercise daily with jubilations.

But don’t forget an occasional cookie for a treat!

Oh and maybe a piece of cake!

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