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It’s National Book Month

It’s National Book Month

We just got home from a trip through Europe, and what I noticed about the people was that everyone was reading a book. You know the old fashioned kind that you hold in your hands.

There were bookstore stands in every city. Not magazines, but real books for sale. I saw storytellers that were reading to children and the children were listening intently.

It was a very dramatic difference than our US art fairs that have many booths of toys, tutus, and cheap trinkets from other countries shipped in that are sure to delight children. All of this is created to entice parents to purchase for the little ones only to be thrown out because it isn’t played with.

Instead parents were purchasing arm loads of books to build libraries for their children. We took a train and found parents and children reading to pass the time.

I know that I have books from my childhood still in my library. I have added books that were my favorites as I raised my own kids. Now there are a few more as the grandchildren have arrived. They all are read from time to time, especially at bedtime.

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