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Is it bullying, or a case of they simply don’t know any better?

Is it bullying, or a case of they simply don’t know any better?

In my book Wings and Feet, we see that the child wants to put the butterfly in a jar. The child is clearly bigger and stronger than the butterfly.

One could interpret the child wanting to put the butterfly in a jar as bullying.

However, looking at the child’s intentions, he is just wanting to keep the butterfly in his room with him. He didn’t think through how that might make the butterfly feel.

In this case I think it is clear that the harm caused would have been unintentional; the child didn’t know any better.

This made me ponder the importance of educating our children on what bullying really is. It is PURPOSEFUL harm to others for the sole intent of making the other person weaker than they are.

This is either by physical  actions or by verbal taunting.

Our society is quick to judge sometimes without getting all of the facts or hearing every side of the case.

No one wants their children to be bullied or wants their child to be the one doing the bullying.

Instilling a soft spirit in ourselves is the first step to demonstrate to our own kids so that they can mimic our actions to those around them.

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