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Incredible Kid Day

Incredible Kid Day

Incredible kid day can have a lot of different meanings. I wanted to celebrate my kids with little letters explaining why they are so awesome. Click through the pictures above to see the craft I did.

I want to share a few things that I have experienced over the 38 years of parenting and grand parenting.

  1. I have thought this but thankfully not said it out loud, “Well that was an incredibly stupid thing to do.”  One time comes to mind in particular, when my oldest son duck taped his brother to a chair. Then took a rope and pulled him up into the top of a tree and left him there.

  2. Then there are the awwwwww moments that you do say out loud. “Oh that was an incredibly sweet thing to do.” Like the time my daughter cleaned the whole house as a surprise when she knew I had a hard day.

  3. There are times when I recognized, “You are incredibly smart.” Instances where you see them figuring out Einstein’s Theory and you are totally amazed.

  4. We have one that was incredibly creative with a sharpie. She drew the prettiest scribble on my closet door. She was also incredibly determined to finish the masterpiece before we took the sharpie away.

  5. With grandchildren you are constantly saying, “They are incredibly cute, smart, and perfect in every way.” That statement is an absolute truth.

No matter what they are incredible at, our children are incredible creatures. They amaze us, challenge us, and fill us will unconditional love that we could have never imagined before we had them.

Celebrate your incredible kids today. Let them know they are loved. 

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