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I’m Just Me

I’m Just Me

Wherever I go there is no escaping myself; because I am going to be with me forever.

I project my own self image as I write my children’s books. I didn’t realize that I was actually doing this until I looked at my bookshelf one day as the covers glared at me.

Arnold has OCD, obsessive compulsive behavior. He is constantly worried about food. Every action he makes has the underlying goal to get food.

The parents in David’s Christmas Wish, borderline martyr. The Dad risked his life to go out into a blizzard to get a goldfish for Christmas. He even stooped to begging the store manager to open the pet store for him.

In the story Wings and Feet, the child is self centered not thinking about the butterfly as he wants to put him in a jar.

Then there is Bart, our big orange dino who obviously has ADHD, attention and hyperactive behavior. He runs amuck at full speed thinking life is great fun oblivious to the mess he is leaving in his wake.

Finally Wilhelmina who’s only wish was not to look like this. She deals with self image problems. She only looks at what is on the outside before she will finally see her true self.

I am all of these rolled into one. Like Arnold I suffer with OCD in many areas of my life. The number of times I have risked foolish behavior just to please someone is innumerable. Oh my, and to think how often I only think of myself in circumstances just like the child in Wings and Feet.

ADHD is at the core of who I am just like Bart. I run to and fro quickly and never with my brain involved.

Wilhelmina is the root of my self esteem. Vanity, vanity, strikes me everyday as I wake up and see the mirror shooting back my unseemly reflection.

Luckily all the books end well and all the characters come to grips with who they are inside. Their internal conflicts are resolved. My individual development improves just knowing these wonderful imaginary beings and watching them move diversely to the end of the story.

It is just me- uniquely different- always growing. It’s just you- and you are just like me……. Only different. That acceptance changes the future.

“We are different that way, your wings and my feet.

Yet we are still friends and our friendship runs deep.”

Quote from Wings and Feet.

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