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Hidden Meaning

Hidden Meaning

I have always loved books that cause you to step back and reflect on life. I love other kinds of books too but ones that cause me to grow just stick with me.

My mom and I both have purchased books because we forgot that we read them. I either took them back or just gave one away when I realized it. The ones that had meaning, I never purchased twice. I kept them and go back to read passages often. Some even have parts highlighted because I wanted to remember them.

One such book was “This is a Soul” by  Marilyn Berger. It had laughter, tears, and hidden meaning. So when writing Football Flyboy, I found times pop up that had aha moments that sent me searching and finding Dad’s teachable moments. I discovered buried treasures in the words even many months after I had written them.

I can’t help but wonder if there wasn’t something more to Dad’s disrupting calls right at dinnertime. After reflection, I am sure it was his way of having me discover the meaning of those timed calls later in my life.

My dad wanted nothing more than to hear my voice once a day. Mealtime was convenient. He got to hear what I was eating, plus it allowed him to know that I had blessing enough to have food. It was consistent, timely, and an unforgettable disturbance that blessed me forever.

Dad would laugh when I would tell him what I cooked. That meant that he had done his job well; I was taught how to cook and now knew how to feed my family. He also knew it was annoying to me to stop chewing and repeat the menu daily. My annoyance only made him giggle with delight knowing I was sighing on the other end of the phone.

I know that most families no longer say dinner time prayers anymore, but just checking in with our Father for one minute at meal time is one minute of communication. Just 60 seconds that can change your life.

Our Father wants nothing more than to hear our voice once a day. To stop. Put the world on hold just for one minute. Be thankful. But- we are too busy- too inconvenienced. Or- maybe we just don’t want to talk to Dad.

Yes, I believe there was a hidden message in his calls. Again he teaches me, long after he is gone. Count your blessings name them one by one. Tell the Father you are grateful for what He’s done.

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