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Happy Watermelon Day

Happy Watermelon Day

Now days we get seedless watermelon- what the heck fun is that?
Half of the fun is spitting seeds at each other!

Growing up with Flyboy we would first pick out a good melon by “knocking” on it- just like you would someones door. If it had a good “hollow” sound then it was good and ripe.
While we ate dinner that hollow sounding melon was dunked in cold water, either by a stream or most likely in our horse trough that we used as a swimming pool.

After dinner we would go outside and sit at the picnic table in our back yard to make a big watery mess outside instead of inside.

Cutting the green oval was important for eating because everyone wanted part of the sweet heart. There was no little wedge for anyone at the Cannon table. Big wedges were cut so we all got a whole eighth of the melon.

My mom would eat the sides off of her wedge first, carving it to look like a house leaving the heart for the last. We all had our own salt shakers so there would be no fighting.

Mmmmmmmm I think I need to run to the store. This has made me hungry!

Watermelon Fun Facts

  1. Watermelons were originally found in South Africa.
  2. Watermelons are 92% water.
  3. Being that the fruit is mostly water, it is likely that it originally was cultivated for desert landscaping use.
  4. Guinness Book of World records for the heaviest watermelon is 262 lbs.


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