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I love going fast! I can remember going out on deserted roads to race my Barracuda when I was in high school. My foot was also heavy on highways, especially when there was no traffic.

On one trip through Wyoming, I got a speeding ticket going to Casper and then another fine in the same spot by the same policeman coming home.

I can hardly drive without speeding! Having a speed problem leads me not to want to drive so that I won’t get a ticket!

What fun is driving, if I can’t drive fast?

Often as humans, we let this kind of attitude affect our everyday life and prevent experiencing our full potential. If I can’t speed, then I don’t even want to drive. If I can’t make money right away, then I don’t want to start a business. If I have to work on the weekends, then I don’t want the job. And so goes the lists of excuses.

To enjoy the experience of driving, I have to obey the rules, put in the effort, use self-control, and sacrifice my need for speed. The same is true of business. Heck, the same is true for anything in life.

Most business books can be dull and factual, but I promise you some great facts and some entertainment in my new book, Buckle UP, for Business Success. Let’s get going from zero- to hero!

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