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Buster, a small-town football hero, turns pilot during WW2, with an ego to match both titles. His attitude grows as gets outside his comfort zone piloting C-47 troop and cargo carriers from Labrador, Greenland, Iceland, France, Cairo, China, Japan, and the The Philippines. His letters are a one-way communication showing his journey. His mail could never catch up with him which he firmly stated, “pissed him off.” This left him only able to write what was on his mind every day with no news from home.

He finds a turning point in his life that changes his views on humanity as he grows into manhood. His camera documents the devastation he see’s that humble his spirit. Through his letters home we learn the family dynamics that made him into a man of honor and compassion. Lonely for home he remains true to his high school sweetheart he married prior to leaving on his tour of duty.

Learning his imperfections he develops strength and courage throughout his life. He is determined to be a man that will do what it takes to be a decent respectable gentleman. His death is met with no regrets, a silent hero, and secret good deeds.

Lisa bounces back between his letters, his family, and his end times to build his character in three dimensions. From the baby with no-name that dethroned his sister, Ruby Lee, to hotshot flyboy, husband, father, corporate big-wig, and finally “Old Dad.” All of these titles make his story a statement of what it takes to be a good man.

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A Piece of History


If you are an old movie buff, you can’t miss this section. Each page of “the movie scrapbook” will be posted as we come to them. There will be something new each week. Clark Gable. Mickey Rooney, Katharine Hepburn, Bette Davis,and heck, even Dale Evans and Roy Rogers!

Get the low-down on the happiest couples view on the films that were popular during the war. They were harsh critics. But even a bad movie, was a good movie when you were on the fighting front.

How much was popcorn and a coke? Oh and did you know that “Weird Wade” was a elevator man and the hotel next to the movie theater?

And there used to be a baby cry room that was glassed in and soundproof where moms could take their fussy children and still watch the movie.

Cadet School

The happiest couple were just dating when Buster was in cadete school. Get to see how their relationship grew during these years. Freshly out of high school, Buster is away from home and family for the first time in his life. Spoiler alert… There is a proposal coming!

The letters from home provide additional insight into each family member. His mother and sisters provide letters that help you become emotionally involved with their character.

The time period during his flight training contain facts about families coping with rationing, and sacrifice because of the shortage of supplies.

Grandma, Buster’s mom, worked in the shipping yards. The sisters share stories of rolling bandages for the Red Cross. You’ll be able to see from these letters the history during the early years of the war. And maybe a wedding!

Family History

It’s hard for a family to know where they are going without looking back at those who built our foundations. Whether you had a dysfunctional group or a “had-it-all-together” clan, there was someone along the way that contributed to who you became.

The true test of a strong foundation is when under stress, it can withstand. World War 2 was one on the most stressful periods in history for families. Great hardships were put not only on the ones fighting, but also on those left back home.

Join me in further discovering the rich heritage that contributed to building the “happiest couple.” Learn more stories here about Aunt Glad-Ass, Buster, Jack, Mary Jo, and intimate moments in their lives.

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