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Football Flyboy Christmas

Football Flyboy Christmas

When I was doing research for my novel Football Flyboy I found so many letters from my dad to my mom during WW2. The one that he sent on Christmas was a little sad. For him, Christmas wasn’t the same since he was in Manila.

This letter makes me think of all the loved ones that can’t be home this Christmas. I want to thank all the men and women in our armed forces who sacrifice their time with their families on Christmas to keep all of us safe.

Here is the letter from Football Flyboy:

Dec 25th Christmas

My Darling Mary,

I can truthfully say that this is a very un-Christian atmosphere.  It isn’t the least bit cold and we have no decorations in our house. I thought a lot of the boys would be drunk today but none of them are.  They drank a little last night though.

Now Darling, I want you to tell me all about what happened at home.  I want to know who all was at your house and I want to know exactly what they got. And when you had the tree at my house what all did Gary and Jana say and do?  I want to know what all the kids got and let me know what you bought yourself for Christmas.

We had a nice dinner today.  We had turkey with dressing, potatoes, pickles, asparagus, peas, coffee, hard candy, nuts, and raison pie.  I’m sure they are having a showtonight so I can do something too.

The laundry girls made me promise to buy them some candy tomorrow for their present.  Now don’t get the wrong idea, they are only about 14 years old and I’m still quite respectable and very much in love with you.

I’m not much more lonesome today than any other day because it really doesn’t feel like Christmas.   I keep thinking about last Christmas and instead think of all the future Christmas’s we will have.  I sure will enjoy the holidays of 1946 better than this year.

I adore you


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