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First Day of Summer

First Day of Summer

Aww, summertime. Summer has its own smell, doesn’t it? The smell of freshly cut grass, bbq sauce oozing through the air, burning flesh as your toes hit the swimming pool concrete! It also has a noise about it. Children laughing as they ride their bicycles until the street lights come on, families and friends chattering in the backyards of our neighbors as they soak up what little bit of summer time they get (At least here in colorado. We get 2 months folks!).
I love summertime. Let me rephrase that, I love Colorado Mountain Summertime!  I can’t do the heat and sun for very long anymore, but boy is that mountain air refreshing!
Here are the top 5 things I recommend putting on your 2018 Colorado summertime list:
1. Hiking- hiking- hiking. I love seeing nature, I love smelling nature, I love seeing what kids see in nature.
2. Ride bikes together. Feel the sun on your face. Pant going up hill. Feel the wind going down hill.
3. Go to the playground and swing. It is great for your abs. Push the kids in the swing, it’s good for your tricepts
4. Have a picnic in the park with fried chicken and biscuits. Feed the ducks when your done.
5. Roll down a grassy hill and get all itchy. Smell the flowers. Catch crawdads. Skip rocks on the lake see how many skips you can make.


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