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Don’t let your Pet Escape!

Don’t let your Bart Escape!
At our house, we have our own Bart. Instead of a big orange dino, she is a ten pound Yorkie mix. When we don’t lock the gate and keep her put up—well things can go terribly wrong.
This tiny tornado can find anything and everything to get into. Like the time I came home to blue poop because Sophie opened the cabinet door under the sink and ate a Brillo pad.
Sophie is a purse snatcher and can smell contraband a mile away. Being a very smart pooch, she knows when you are not looking to dig inside and get gum that is deadly for canines.
Chocolate is another forbidden favorite that Sophie will risk breaking and entering to steal.
Even though she fears being locked up when she is home alone and believes it to be torture, as responsible pet parents, we have to keep her safe—and lock the gate.

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