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Dino Easter Eggs

Dino Easter Eggs

With Easter fast approaching I needed to start thinking about getting Easter eggs ready. As I was browsing Pinterest I found some awesome dino eggs. I thought these would be perfect because they go with my book Bart’s Escape Out the Gate but also this is a fun way to make Easter eggs for the kids. Of course, I had my granddaughters come over to help me. 

What You Need:

  • Eggs
  • Liquid Food Coloring
  • Cups
  • Water
  • Spoon
  • Arugula (for your dino nest)
  • Gloves
  • Placemats


The first thing you need to do is boil your eggs. For the perfect hard boiled egg click here!

After cooking your eggs let them cool. Once they are cool, comes the fun part of cracking them! Gently tap them on the countertop to create little cracks all over the egg. It’s alright if little pieces of the shell fall off. 

Next, fill your cups with about a third of water to put your liquid food coloring in. I would say put 10-20 drops but the kids love to squeeze in more. It doesn’t matter how much they put in, just have fun with it. You can try making different colors as well. 

Let them sit for a couple hours or you can let them sit overnight. When you are ready to take them out, remove the eggs and rinse them off (so you don’t get food coloring all over your hands). Gently remove the shells to reveal the dino eggs!

Get the book to go with this activity.

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