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Date Your Mate

Date Your Mate

Yes, you heard me!  May is National Date your Mate month, what fun holiday!

 As I anticipate my upcoming book Football Flyboy, I’m taken back to a time where relationships were all that soldiers had to hold on to while they were fighting in WWII. They didn’t have electronics to distract them, they didn’t have phones to simply give their sweethearts a call, all they had were their bonds back home.  What an amazing loyalty, that soldiers dated their mates and their mates dated the soldiers through one of the deadliest wars we have endured.

In Football Flyboy, we can see through my dad’s letters that my mom was his rock, his strength, and what kept him going. Even though he received her letters only three times during the year he was gone, his foundation was with her.

It’s important to date. Whether you are just starting out and the butterflies are running rampant or if you’ve been married for 40 years like me! Dating can jumpstart a marriage again after it gets complacent. Take a look at a few of my favorite dates:

I have been married for 40 years this year, so what in the world would we have to talk about that we haven’t already said? Sometimes it is nothing!  

What!!!! You sit around and say nothing? Sometimes yes and it can be wonderful.

A walk at sunset. I call it the “enchanted” time. Dusk is coming on and the birds are singing to us as they get ready for bed. A few moments later the crickets may start with their tune. You both exhale breath as all the stress flows from you as you take in the chorus.

You might reach over and grab hands and swing them back and forth. We sometimes do and feel the youth slip back into our spirits. I look over and smile at the person I’ve been with for so long, comfortable that I don’t have to talk, for him to know what’s on my mind.

That’s what commitment has done for us. We made it to oneness.

We love Hiking Dates! Some of our favorite hikes are Lilly Pad Lake and  Hanging Lake. We pack snacks as a picnic and bring our dog with us. One of my favorite (recent) dates was Mount Sherman- a 14er. We talked, we laughed, we climbed, helping each other through rough patches. It’s fun to meet people along the path. Plus the exercise and the beauty we see along the way is what we enjoy!!

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