Name My New Book

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Lisa needs your help! She has written a new book, but does not know what to name it. So she needs your help to come up with a great title for her new book. All you have to do is fill out the form on the page with your name, email and title idea by August 30. Lisa will go through your submissions and pick the best title for the book. If you win, Lisa will sign and send you the very first copy hot off the press, of the book you helped name. So what are you waiting for? Put your thinking caps on and send us your book title ideas!

About The Book

Lisa’s idea for this book came from a dream she had. She dreamt about a child who had a pet dinosaur named Bart. One day the child forgot to close the gate and his pet dinosaur escaped.

“One day I made a very big mistake. I forgot and didn’t close the gate. That was a bad day for the neighborhood.”


A pet dinosaur loose in the neighborhood is a lot of trouble for everyone. The child has to think fast to get Bart back.

“That is when everything that could went wrong. Then there was trouble for everyone. So I set out on my quest to catch him.”

While Bart was out having fun, he scared everyone including all the animals. He also made a big mess.

“Scaring the animals they all turned to run. They didn’t know he was having fun, “Bart, you’re just too big” they told him.”


This story teaches a child the responsibility of having a pet. What do you think the name of this story should be?