A special share with an old friend

A special share with an old friend


Today, I had the pleasure of sharing all three of my books with a special friend, Terry Werner.

Terry has been a tremendous support for any endeavor I’ve been involved in. A friendship that spans over 30 years has to be precious in today’s times. We have been working together most of those 30 years as well.

Our relationship mirrors the butterfly and child in “Wings and Feet.” Our friendship has been passed on as stories to our children and to their children as well.  

Terry was one of the first to get all 3 of the original recorded series of stories back in the 1990s.  This was the time that I was on local TV shows performing and storytelling with a new story I wrote each month.

Terry and I had children about the same ages, so he was delighted to get the tapes in hopes they would entertain his children and get settled into bed at night.

The kids were entertained.  In fact, they were entertained night after night.  The sound of my voice permeated his home over and over again, story after story; it was like a nightmare – my voice never leaving.

Terry would go to work, and hear my voice talking to him about business.  He would go home and hear my voice telling stories to his children until one day when he finally had enough and called me. “Take the tapes back please!  I want you out of my house!”

Of course, his children would not let that happen, but eventually they did grow up, and he was able to wake up from the nightmare of listening to me.

Now, our children are grown; they have little ones of their own. Because of our friendship, I  will get to share some of those stories in Arnold, David’s Christmas Wish, and Wings and Feet to his grandchildren.

I haven’t told Terry, but there is an audio book for Wings and Feet, which is read by me!  I think I will surprise him with it for Christmas!

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