About Lisa

Lisa Reinicke

About Me

As a Colorado woman I own and operate 3 successful businesses with over 200 employees nationwide. I have 4 children and 5 grandchildren. All of this, particularly my family, has provided stories that are sparked by real experiences and have a lesson packed inside for discussion. Every book is generously shared with organizations working with children as donations both in the USA and internationally. My passion is reading to and discussing books with children in schools and libraries.

Why I Write to Children

Reading with a child seems to be one of the last remaining quiet times free from distraction throughout the day. I write to children to preserve this time. Children have extraordinary minds and ask amazing, thought-provoking questions. Spending time talking about a book gives them an opportunity to be heard.

Ours is a time in history when we do and accomplish more than ever. We have social media and our phones constantly demanding our attention. Deep conversation then gets pushed aside or thought of as too sophisticated for our little ones. My experience has taught me quite the opposite. Reading a book gives us a few moments to listen to our children’s voices and nothing else.

Therefore, each book has a message that transcends the pages of that story. I strive to convey deeper meanings that give you and your child an opportunity to talk about the experiences of the characters and how they relate to real life. I try to write entertaining stories that open the door for deeper bonding in those quiet moments.

Our world is busy and life gets in the way. Writing stories enjoyed by you and your children can hopefully help your world slow down for a few minutes a day. I like to think that I am helping families enjoy a special time together for I know how special the time was when I was young.

School and Library Programs

I would like to partner with your school or library to engage interactively with your students. I have had the privilege of discovering just how much children love discussing the lessons learned in each of my books. In this, I enjoy dialoguing with the children about writing opportunities including, authoring, illustrating, and marketing. Some of my favorite topics include how ideas can come to life and writing in cadence. Who knows? They may even give me the title for my next book.