It’s Great to Meet You!

Lisa ReinickeI’m a mother, wife, boss, Founder and Owner of three companies, and now an author. And all at the same time! Yes, that is a lot going on. I like to see just how many plates I can spin at once.

Drawing from my family’s experiences when my boys were still kids (they grow up way too fast!), from my grandkids now, and also the occasional wacky dream, I have collected multitudinous stories at home to get published. Three of them are already available: Arnold, the Cute Little Pig with PersonalityDavid’s Christmas Wish and, Wings and Feet.

My true passion though is to travel around and share my stories with kids myself. I love, love, love visiting schools and libraries and anywhere else I can read to the kids and talk to them about the stories and the lessons learned from them. I absolutely love watching their faces light up, hearing them laugh, and listening to their worries as they fall in love with the character’s in my books.

I’ve been fortunate enough to share my stories on local television, audio cassette (I may only be 29, but I admit that I have been 29 for a while now), and now in picture books for children.

It would mean the world to me to get the opportunity to place one of my books in your hand and to come share them with your family at an event. Please contact me if you have questions or ideas. I would love to connect with you.